HPN Engineering designed and manufactured a variety of parts for Conquest Vehicles new Knight XV (Armored Vehicle).
HPN Engineering designed and fabricated an aircraft aluminum combination Bumper/Winch for a Tow Truck with 10 ton aluminum winch, Kevlar rope and Aluminum tow hooks. Complete Assembly is super lightweight and strong with a total weight of 250 lbs. as opposed to a similar item weighing 800 lbs in steel.

HPN Engineering designed and manufactured an aircraft aluminum hoist with 2 ton lift capacity at 10 foot extension operated by hydraulics installed on the back of a truck.

HPN Engineering designed and manufactured a one-piece aluminum drive shaft with yokes, 8 feet long, 6" diameter. Note all joints are bolted together with 72 bolts. Weight was reduced from 200 lbs to 90 lbs and system stiffness was increased.